Session 7: Human-computer Interaction / Collaborative & Collective Design / Computational Design
Session Chair: Marie Davidova
Lecturer in Architectural Design, Welsh School of Architecture, UK

Author name  Tom Shaked, Karen Lee Bar-Sinai

Paper ID 230

Author name Tian Tian Lo and Xinrui Gao

Paper ID 232

Author name Wanyu Pei, TianTian LO and Xiangmin Guo

Paper ID 254

Author name Ji Rong Lu, Teng Wen Chang and Yi Sin Wu

Paper ID 377

Author name Ka Lok Chow and Jeroen van Ameijde; contact author Jeroen Bastiaan van Ameijde

Paper ID 118

Author name Mads Brath Jensen and Avishek Das

Paper ID 180

Author name Michael Budig, Oliver Heckmann, Amanda Ng Qi Boon, Markus Hudert, Clement Lork and Lynette Cheah

Paper ID 347

Author name Garvin Goepel and Kristof Crolla

Paper ID  426

Author name Derek Pung and Patrick Janssen

Paper ID 48

Author name  Marie Davidova and Dermott McMeel

Paper ID 98

Author name Adam FINGRUT

Paper ID 168

Author name Dominik Holzer and Paul Loh

Paper ID 427