Session 6A: Smart Buildings/Cities/Regions
Session Chair: Nicole Gardner
Faculty of Built Environment, the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, Australia.

Author name Jieren Tian and Chuanfei Yu; contact author Chuanfei Yu

Paper ID 106

Author name Xinyu Xia and Ziyu Tong

Paper ID 172

Author name  Noboru Kawagishi and Kensuke Hotta

Paper ID 184

Author name  Justyna Karakiewicz, Jose Rafael Holguin and Thomas Kvan

Paper ID 190

Author name Geoff Kimm and Mark Burry

Paper ID 261

Author name I-Ting Chuang

Paper ID 276

Author name  Frederick Peter Ortner and Jeffrey Huang

Paper ID 346

Author name  Ludovica Tomarchio, Peijun He, Pieter Herthogs and Bige Tunçer

Paper ID 354

Author name Trevor Ryan Patt

Paper ID 384

Author name  Helena Martinho, Gonçalo Araújo and António Leitão

Paper ID 396

Author name  Mohammed Ezzat

Paper ID 402

Author name Mona Ghandi

Paper ID 403