Session 2A: Generative, Algorithmic & Evolutionary Design/Techniques
Session Chair: Bob Martens
Faculty of Architecture and Planning, TU Wien, Austria

Author name Likai Wang, Kian Wee Chen, Patrick Janssen and Guohua Ji

Paper ID 8

Author name Naghmi Shireen, Halil Erhan, Robert Woodbury and Alissa N. Antle

Paper ID 241

Author name Hao Zheng and Yue Ren

Paper ID 24

Author name Zhuoxing Gu and Chunxia Yang

Paper ID 32

Author name Inês Pereira, Catarina Belém and António Leitão

Paper ID 35

Author name Nan Bai, Pirouz Nourian, Anping Xie and Ana Pereira Roders

Paper ID 43

Author name Krishnendra Shekhawat and Pinki (no surname)

Paper ID 68

Author name Tomo Cerovsek and Bob Martens

Paper ID 93

Author name Chunxia Yang and Zhuoxing Gu

Paper ID 94

Author name Yuan Sung (Kris) Hsiao; contact author Yuan-Sung (Kris) Hsiao

Paper ID 119

Author name Surapong Lertsithichai

Paper ID 146

Author name Thomas Wortmann and Thomas Fischer

Paper ID 177