Session 1A: Digital Fabrication and Construction

Session Chair: Philip Yuan

The College of Architecture and Urban Planning (CAUP), Tongji University, Shanghai, China

Author name Kai Xiao, Chen-cheng Chen, Zhe Guo, Xiang Wang and Chenyun Yan

Paper ID 11

Author name Chenjun Liu

Paper ID 23

Author name Jungwon Yoon and Seok-won Choi

Paper ID 37

Author name Joann Wang

Paper ID 52

Author name Yige Liu, Hua Chai and Philip F. Yuan

Paper ID 64

> Managing Risk in a Research-Based Practice as Projects Scale To Construction:: A Case Study

Author name Stan Carroll

Paper ID 71

Author name Urvi Sheth and Aysha Fida

Paper ID 72

Author name Celine Cheng and Antony Pelosi

Paper ID 82

Author name Paul Poinet, Dimitrie Stefanescu and Eleni Papadonikolaki

Paper ID 89

Author name Chi-Fu Hsiao, Ching-Han Lee, Chun-Yen Chen and Teng-Wen Chang

Paper ID 126

Author name Virginia Melnyk

Paper ID 129

Author name Niels Martin Larsen, Anders Kruse Aagaard and Lynn Hyun Kieffer; contact author Lynn Kieffer

Paper ID 149